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Mission Statement

My name is Jerry Weiner and it’s my job to help you understand what GWT-WDIA is all about. Over the last 20 years, GWT-WDIA’s goal has been to keep you in business and make you substantial new profits while saving your flyers money. GWT-WDIA knows that there are many good consolidators that you could contact, however you need to be careful since a lot of them are not really consolidators at all and you may get more then you bargained for. Run a check on Rippoff.com or BBB just to make sure. 

GWT-WDIA also stands behind every ticket we have issued. You can always get to us when you call during our issuing hours. Our paperwork is user-friendly and gets right to the point. You’ll love it: there’s no bait and switch. When you need a ticket, we get it done right away, regardless of whether the payment has been received.

Over the years, we put together a group of specialists with access to corporate airline contracts not available to agencies in general. Since these fares are available to corporations and GWT-WDIA is not an agency, we can make them available to you for your flyers. 1st, Business and Coach. Most tickets are bulk deals with carriers; flyers receive miles, and changes are usually possible. 

When you first contact us, we spend time helping you understand how our company works for you. Please allow us that time because it sets up our relationship for our very profitable future together.

Thanks for the time you have spent reading this letter.

G. Jerry Weiner, CEO of GWT-WDIA


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