GWT-ACI Is Here to Cut Your Airline Ticket Cost 10% - 60%

All we ask for is a chance to show you what we can do for you!

GWT-ACI: The Difference! We make it easy to make the best choices!

• We started out being the supplier to most of the wholesalers and discount ticket brokers. We continue to be your #1 supplier…and…We supply travel agencies those same discounted prices!

• We have access to almost every contract (net, commission, Hidden Fares and upgrades) with airlines worldwide; Bi-directional.

• Some of our contracts include complimentary hotel nights or car rental.

• Our experts will provide you personalized service from start to finish, that goes above and beyond a ticket processed on the web.

• When you provide us an itinerary, our team will narrow down your options based on your answers to questions we ask. You will love the results!

• We will meet or exceed your expectations.

• We listen very carefully to our clients and respond to inquiries and questions promptly and professionally.

• Our focus is on service, honesty and integrity.

• We provide you with a credit card purchase receipt to make sure that you weren’t charged for the wrong amount.

• We don’t require full payment for your trip up front.

• You will have 24/7 access to us in case you need anything.

Consider the following:

Published Retail tickets are NOT refundable; 95% of our NET fares ARE refundable with a penalty.

If you are getting a discount through your agency they are most likely dealing with a Broker, Wholesaler or Consolidator and that could be GWT-ACI.

You can continue doing business with your own agency; but, you might want to tell them to contact GWT-ACI.

You can also work directly with GWT-ACI and cut your cost down considerably.

If you’re buying tickets from a website please be careful; most of the time the prices are not the same when you get to the end of the purchase.

Before you make a purchase at a 3rd party website, we recommend you go to the ‘source’, the airline carrier website and check their fare to see if it matches and what the rules are.

GWT-ACI Is Here to Cut Your Airline Ticket Cost 10% - 60%

All we ask for is a chance to show you what we can do for you!

What GWT-ACI can do for you to reduce your cost if your airline ticket is $1,000.00 or more:

• Through our partners and contract holders we can reduce the price on Coach, Premium Economy, Business and 1st class; international airline tickets; Bi-directional.

• You will earn frequent flyer miles on all tickets per class of service booked.

• We are providing you with a special search engine that will not try to sell you any tickets; however, it will show you in detail all the carriers, routings, prices and rules of the fare.

• Once you decide what you want, copy and email it to us. GWT-ACI will then go to work on reducing the price for you.

GWT-ACI will send you a formal quote for your review. If you have provided us with the name and date of birth, we will hold a record and give you a time limit to purchase the ticket.

• The quote will include the net cost or commission and rules of the fare and options for payment.

• Your personal information (including credit card information, your address, phone number and all other data) is handled with extreme care.

Why wait any longer to start getting better deals on your air travel, now is the time!

If you don’t send in requests you are losing profits that you could have made! Tickets must be at least $1,000 or more on international flights.


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