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GWT-ACI provides commissions or discounts on Published, bulk/net and discounted airline tickets on international destinations by-directional.

We take pride in helping you save money or receive a big discount.

Ticket Policies

All airline tickets are issued by licensed agencies or the plating carriers. Miles earned in class of service booked.
Cancellations and Reissues
If you have to cancel or if you have cancelled with the carrier you must notify GWT-ACI right away. If the ticket purchased is non-refundable then the following will apply in some cases. Canceled tickets, some tickets are held per fare rule and type of contract used as credit for future use in the same flyer’s name only. For re-issues, the issuing carrier (per fare rule) may allow reissue with codeshare partners. If the ticket is higher, you just pay the additional cost plus any penalties. If you want us to cancel or reissue, there will be an additional $50 fee added.


Refundable commission tickets will be processed back through the plating carrier and refunded back to the payment method that was used minus any penalties. Your commissions if any will be recalled back to GWT-ACI, unless the refund is on a Bulk/Net ticket that was charged to a credit card by GWT. If that’s the case then GWT-ACI will send a check to you minus any commissions, penalties and credit card fees that may apply. You can also have GWT refund the credit card it charged.


Voiding ticket the same day of issue, in some cases there will be no charge. If you are voiding the ticket to achieve a lower fare then GWT-ACI will charge a $50 reissue fee.


• If you purchase a ticket that the airlines are paying the commission on you will need to provide the full credit card info prior to issuing.

• There will be no credit card fees.

Payment Information

• GWT Discount Travel Inc. will appear on the credit card holders’ statement. The description field will state the following: Your agency name, flyers name, airline 2 letter code and the ticket number. When GWT runs the credit card you’re allowed to charge your client whatever you want to. There will be a 4% deduction from whatever the total charge is minus the net and your commission will be the difference left over and will be sent to you within 10 business days.

• After GWT process the credit card we will email you a copy of the charge which comes from our processor, this way you can make sure that what we charged is correct.

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